On the 29th members of Bishop Auckland took on members of the badminton club at Racketlon.

Racketlon is the combination of Table Tennis, Tennis, Squash and Badminton, With players having to play each other at all 4 sports to the same score, with the winner being the one who amasses the most points over the 4.

To suit the level of the group and time frames and facilities we made a few tweets to the rules. First we played doubles throughout the day to avoid people being sit ting out for too long. We also dropped squash from the day as we have no squash court in bishop Auckland and we also subbed tennis for indoor short tennis to keep it more competitive

We started with Table tennis unsurprisingly the members of bishop Auckland table tennis club Jack, Matt, Andy, Connor, Rob and a last minute sub of David from the centre came out on top in the table tennis by 124 points. 

So moving on to the badminton and yes no surprises we didn’t win that one the Badminton players showed their skills at their sport beating us by 164  points to give them a lead of 40 points going into the last event of short tennis.  

The tennis saw some great matches and some close matches with the table tennis just taking the victory in the tennis but would it be enough points to overcome the deficit of 40 points?

Yes!! Just! with Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club taking the overall win my just 33 points from the 1107 points played.

A great day was had by all and we hope this will be the start of many events between the 2 clubs.

Big thanks to everyone for taking part especially David who turned up for work with no idea he would be playing to cover for people who pulled out

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