National Junior League day 3

With day 3 being the last day to decide which team will go into the 1st division and which teams will go into the second all was to play for.

The A team sitting in second place just a few points ahead of Northfield with the B team sitting in 8th place.

The Day started with a very close victory for the A team over Ormsbey A. Carl Draper and Tom Whitaker both picking up doubles and a single for Zak.  The B team found things as tough going down 6-3 to Hartlepool with Sam Hume picking up 2 and Joe Hume getting a single.

The teams then swapped over with the A team playing Hartlepool, Tom Carl and Rob combining with 3 wins each to score a 9-0 victory. The B team still not firing on all cylinders lost 8-1 to Ormsbey A with Jack Jacomb winning the single victory.

Final match of the day for the A team saw them take on leaders Ormsbey C.  First game saw Tom lose to Justin Wong before Zak equalled up the match with a 3-1 victory of Kieran Wardell. Rob then lost in 5 very tight sets to Jasmin Wong before Zak also lost a tight 4 set match to Justin Wong. Tom got the ball rolling again with a 5 set victory over Jasmin Wong before Kieran beat Rob and Tom and Justin beat Rob in 5 sets for a disappointing 7-2 loss. The B team, fielding an all cadet line up faced Blitz B. Who came out 8-1 winners with Jack Jacomb picking up a final game victory.

This leaves The A team sat in 3rd place and in the top division playing for the title. The B team will be in the second division and aiming to win for a 6th place finish.

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